Not just another art book, but a richly illustrated chronical of a glorious era in Hawaii’s history. Starting with the momentous discovery of the Hawaiian Islands by Captain Cook in 1778 and continuing through the island wars to the legendary Battle of Nu’uanu Pali in 1796. Based on first hand accounts from the journals of early ship captains, the book engages the reader at every turn of the page with maps, diagrams and 3D perspectives; making it easy to follow and understand this turbulent chapter of Hawaii’s past. This is a period when Kamehameha struggled for supremecy and Hawaiians waged war with armies of many thousands. The book contains years of research and brings the unique perspective of a sailor and artist to this colorful era.

This is also a story of how the small sleepy Hawaiian village called Honolulu began a journey to become one of the great maritime cities of the world. The beginning of Honolulu is deeply entwined in the early exploration of the islands, thus the curtain rises with the Cook Expedition and wends its way through a clutch of roguish sea captains and their dealings with wily Hawaiian kings and chiefs. Tradgedy, murder, piracy and war all shape the early years of this village and its unique navigatiable gap through the reef. The book covers about twenty years, from Captain Cook's discovery of the Hawaiian Islands to King Kamehameha's final victory on Oahu. Twenty years of exploration and adventure as told through the journals of captains and ship's logs of the perioid. The author has used his own art as well as creating computer generated 3D models and terrains. The DVD also uses the autor's art as well as full action 3D scenes of the ships and combat.


The DVD/ documentary brings an emotional element to this story, as the superb voice of David Lamb is enhanced by the symphonic music of CSS and David Wurtz.

Book including DVD ...........$45 Shipping included in USA

Discovery of Hawaii and Honolulu Harbor book